Play in the gaps

Written by Arch. Rekha Desai

Play is Ubiquitous. When I was growing up, play used to be a very integral part of our life. Going to school was mandatory. But once you returned, just hurriedly dropping our school bags, running downstairs in the society – to indulge in play where cli

My Play World

Written by Arch. Minaz Ansari | Pic credits: Zainab Miyasaheb, Minaz Ansari

To me, the world is one big playground… I build castles in sand and splash in the waves of the ocean. I play in the gurgling water of a stream and jump over rocks and boulders. I run through fields and jump across canals, chase cattle, climb trees an

Learning through Play

Written by Prof. Akhtar Chauhan

Learning is a wonderful experience and the beauty of it is that it has no boundaries! It is a creative process, one can learn by thousand ways! It happens at home, in the school, in the neighbourhood, playgrounds, around in the city and through travel