Playgrounds and safe open spaces are rare in the slums of Mumbai. The Anukruti team gives its best to identify these spaces and „plant“ an Urban Flower on it. There are three different sizes of the Urban Flower: small, medium, large. Depending on the size, the construction period varies from the idea, approval, groundbreaking to opening between six and twelve weeks and the number of helpers ranges from two to twenty. The costs range between 3,000 and 8,000 euros and usually half of the amount goes into the construction. The rest is required for the constant maintenance which is only possible with the help of the local community. The weather conditions and signs of wear of an Urban Flower are much more challenging compared to Europe, since ten times more children use the play equipment.

Wolfis Urban Flower

Urban Flower Khar Danda

Urban Flower Daud Baug

Urban Flower Malwani Township

Urban Flowers Ghatkopar East

Urban Flower Kandivali West

Urban Flower Opportunity School Chennai

Prima Urban Flower Matunga

Wideshot Urban Flower Govandi