Our Team

Dr. Martina Spies

Dr. Martina Spies, founder of Anukruti

“As a passionate architect, activist, designer and builder my goal in life is to provide healthy playspaces for children within neglected neighbourhoods. I am pleased that I have found a wonderful team living the Anukruti mission and building playgrounds with me in Mumbai. My goal is to build as much Urban Flowers as possible and keep the existing ones well maintained.

Child´s play develops self-esteem, self-affirmation and self-confidence. Children challenge their creativity. They learn how to take responsibility for themselves and others and gain empathy.”

Friedl Spies

Friedrich Spies, chairman of Anukruti since 2013

“I am the father of Martina and I have been travelling to India a couple of times. As an experienced builder I bring in my technical know-how in the Urban Flower construction. I also look to the fact that the finances are transparent. Anukruti as a non-profit organization and committed to its donors to the highest level.”

Mara Reissberger

Dr. Mara Reissberger, art historian and vice chairman since 2016

“I am a renowned cultural scientist and architectural theorist based in Vienna. As a lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and visiting professor in Austria and abroad I am an important expert, consultant and media advisor for Anukruti I bring my extensive and varied expertise from the field of applied arts to Anukruti’s design endeavors.”

Pritika Akhil Kumar

Pritika Akhil Kumar, consulting architect & researcher of Anukruti

I am a practicing architect, and founder of the Chennai-based design and research collaboration Co:Lab. While my research focuses on urban regeneration, public space and participatory space practice, I also do research on the broad spectrum of sustainability, urban preservation and renewal and climate change within the urban fabric. In my opinion, architecture is not only a design-based discipline, but also a social one – I see myself in the role of a mediator, working with different stakeholders to achieve high-quality results. Exactly this active approach within the overall design process is what I advocate for Anukruti.

Vinod Kumarchetty

Vinod Kumarchetty, engineer and founding member

“I am a young engineer and I have been brought up in Dharavi. I am deeply concerned about social issues and have been volunteering for several social projects within my neighborhood. I coordinate the playground projects on site and look after Anukruti’s other interests.”

Chondamma Cariappa

Chondamma Cariappa, designer and founding member

“I had been in advertising for twelve years and now I have my own blog http://thesolesisters.blogspot.in Growing up with an army background, I enjoy traveling and love the outdoors, which is why I strongly believe playgrounds boost children´s health and also stimulate their creativity. I have created the logo of Anukruti and I am Anukruti’s marketing whiz.”

Jasinda Mary

Jasinda Mary, social worker and founding member

“As a social worker within neglected communities in Mumbai I see the everyday difficulties especially for children. That´s why playgrounds are such important social buffer zones: children develop a sense of community when playing. They exercise the ability to resolve conflicts and bring in and rethink their own position. They practice observing rules and enduring disappointment and failure. They learn how to acquire knowledge. I coordinate the projects of Anukruti and work closely with the craftsmen. “