See the work process of your high quality Anukruti bag from the first sketches to the final product. We design your Anukruti bag especially for you: Each and every piece is handmade and has its unique design. All materials have been carefully selected by us.

Best Materials
From the first sketches to the finished Anukruti bag - to create safe and modern playgrounds!
Hand made
Only the best materials have been selected for your bag
Handles on
Yellow and red and pink and blue – your handbag is a sure clue!
Form meets function
First bag prototypes are made from paper to have a better understanding of the bag fundamentals
Black and silver
Anukruti bags awating their handles and being carried around the world!
Cow softy
From a four-legged cow to a two-handled Anukruti bag – Here we go!
Punch me
An interplay of patterns and compositions making simple and smart bags
Excellence delivered
Skilled leather craftsmen put their expert touch to the bags
Signature designs
All details of an Anukruti bag are carefully studied together
Men at work
Striving towards international standards, the craftsmen are putting together all their expertise and knowledge
Happy workers…
…make beautiful bags
Punched dots…
…are an essential part of a joyful and unique design
With our Anukruti bags we want to make you and also many children happy!